Custom packages


Every customer is a special customer and at John Gray’s SeaCanoe your wish is your custom package. We can provide luxurious beach camping – or 5-star luxury hotels. Escort boats range from local Fast Longtail boats to luxury cabin cruisers. The tropics from the Isthmus of Kra (Malay Peninsula) to Hawai’i and the South Pacific is yours. We can meet you anywhere in our footprint and deliver your Dream Nautical Adventure.


Luxury Yacht Charters

The art of Exclusive Expeditions by John Gray's SeaCanoe - All Expeditions are tailor-made and price is by quote. To minimize environmental impacts all JGSC trips include a carbon-offset. All itineraries minimize petrol consumption.

You can download our Luxury Yacht Charter Magazine from the following link:
Luxury Yacht Expeditions - Product Magazine


You Dream It, We Do it!

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